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Start at the root of the matter

SLO County Worm Farm is the producer of  BLACK DIAMOND VERMICOMPOST, the finest “natural” soil amendment on this great planet.  Actually, our worms “produce” this amazing product that we named BLACK DIAMOND VERMICOMPOST. We simply provide them with an ideal environment and feed them nutritious organic matter. After they work through, process and digest their food, they leave their castings (or worm poop) behind.

Most plants respond to this highly bio-available material, rewarding you with tasty nutritious fruits and vegetables, beautiful flowers and strong, disease-resistant plants.  Adding valuable ingredients to your soil can serve you well for years to come.

We are located just a few miles east of Paso Robles in vineyard country…the newest & hottest wine destination of the Central Coastal region of California.

We also sell worms, and would be delighted to help you set up your own bin. You, too, can reduce waste normally destined for the landfill, and instead, start producing wonderful soil amendment for your flowers, trees and food in your garden…the way Nature intended it.

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You will find some fascinating information about worms and their magic castings they leave behind at Studies & Findings; you can order fresh made vermicompost tea too!  And, of course you can purchase Black Diamond Vermicompost! Look what it did for our garden!

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