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Thank you for visiting  BLACK DIAMOND VERMICOMPOST.  We are located just a few miles east of Paso Robles in vineyard country…the newest & hottest wine destination in the Central Coastal region of California.

The production of high quality, fresh vermicompost is our primary focus. Black Diamond Vermicompost is available for purchase right here where the worms live. It can also be shipped to you, and delivery service is available. You can order here.

We do sell composting worms too. See the “Links” page for information on setting up worm bins at home, as well as links to some of our favorite local spots.

For questions or to leave comments, see our BLOG TOPICS at the left.

You will find some fascinating information about worms and scientific papers at Studies & Findings; you can order fresh aerated vermicompost tea or extract too.

Following the latest scientific studies is high on our list…we are continually conducting our own trials as well. You too, will learn the importance of adding biologically active vermicompost to your soil. It will change the soil’s structure, plays an important role in a plant’s defense against pests and disease and increases the soil water holding capabilities. These are just a few of the qualities you will observe when Black Diamond VermiCompost is added to your soil or planting medium. Please call us at 805-674-0194. We invite you to see the vermicomposting facility and learn how our vermicompost is produced and why it continually exceeds our customer’s expectations.

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