Here is a list of my favorite websites! They cover a variety of subjects and businesses.

Vermicomposting and just about anything to do with worms:


The best little book on the market! Everything you need to know about worms and how to set up your own worm bin. Look no further…this is the only book you need!

Worms Eat My Garbage

Local organics: – Healthy, organic seasonal starter plants!  Serena’s focus is helping others learn how to garden successfully.  “I believe everyone should have the knowledge of how to grow their own food, even if they don’t have the time and space for a large garden.” – Dragon Springs Farm grows some wonderful seasonal fruits and veggies and canned goods in Cambria. I LOVE the oranges! They may not be pretty, but they are SOO good! – The folks at Tiber Canyon have a very special place off of Price Canyon in SLO. They grow their own olives and make VERY good olive oils. My favorite is Meyer Lemon, but the Yuzu is real special too! Chris and Will also have a very unique place for your special events, be it a wedding or small concert! Plus they are fabulous glass blowing artists and are now into some exceptionally tasty frozen popsicle treats! Look for Bella Pops! – Craig and Cari own Chapparal Gardens. They have mastered artisan vinegars. If you like flavored vinegars, you will love their creations! – The burst of invigorating scent and vivid colors of fresh herbs is not an experience we’re willing to relinquish to a machine, so by-hand techniques are the rule here.

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